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Treatment Modalities Offered


Medication Management: Evaluation and supervision of medications to ensure the most effective and appropriate pharmacological treatment.

Integrative Psychiatry: A holistic approach that combines traditional psychiatric methods with alternative and complementary therapies for a comprehensive care plan.

Genetic Testing: There is no one-size-fits-all body or mind, and new research demonstrates how our genes can modulate how we respond to treatment. Genetic testing can benefit you if you are predisposed to illness, want to know how specific medications will affect you, or want to optimize the way you are taking your medications.

Gut Microbiome Testing: There is a widespread understanding of the link between gut health, microbiome, and mental health within the medical community. With advanced gastrointestinal stool testing, I can diagnose maldigestion, inflammation, dysbiosis, and metabolite imbalances.

Functional Nutritional Testing: A limitation of conventional lab testing is that higher nutrient levels don't necessarily mean meeting your functional nutrient needs. Using the latest lab testing technology, we will be able to examine your nutrient levels, organic acid levels, essential and metabolic fatty acid levels, amino acid levels, level of oxidative stress, and presence of toxins, allowing us to optimize your treatment regimen further.

Herbal & Plant-Based Medicine: Mood regulation isn't just about prescription medications; I can help you feel better by helping you use nutritional supplements and plant-based medicines. My goal is to ensure that you are taking the right supplements with the right formulations at the right doses, and that no dangerous interactions exist between the medications you are taking and the supplements you are taking. If you are already on a supplement regimen, I can help optimize it.

Lifestyle Coaching: Personalized guidance focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and other facets of daily life to optimize mental health.

Mindfulness & Meditation Practices:' Techniques to help patients cultivate presence, awareness, and stress reduction, enhancing overall emotional well-being.

Mind-body Interventions: Practices like yoga, Tai Chi, and acupuncture target the synergy between the mind and body, aiding in the management of symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and burnout

Collaborative Care: I work with other healthcare providers, ensuring that all aspects of a patient's health are addressed and integrated seamlessly.

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