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In the bustling symphony of life, high achievers often find themselves at the intersection of ambition and emotional challenges — a balance I've dedicated my practice to understanding deeply. My emphasis at Jazz Psychiatry isn’t just about addressing symptoms — it's about harmonizing the rhythm of your mind, body, and spirit.

Specializing in the unique stressors and pressures that high achievers face, I fuse a multi-disciplinary approach that blends conventional psychiatry with holistic mind-body interventions, ensuring that your professional life doesn’t come at the expense of your mental health.

With an approach steeped in prevention, self-care, and individualized strategies, we'll together chart a journey that sets the tone for sustainable success and well-being. True healing emerges when we address not just the mental, but also the physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental dimensions of one’s being.

Medication Management Q&A

What is medication management?

Psychiatric medications have an essential role in treating many mental health disorders. But Dr. Singh doesn’t simply prescribe medication and send you on your way.

He provides medication management, which is a more comprehensive approach to your care. Medication management involves regular appointments to determine if you need any medication adjustments.

How does medication management protect my health?

Medication management protects your mental and physical health by:

Prescribing effective medication

Finding the right medication and the optimal dose often takes some trial and error due to two variables.  

For starters, there are many possible medications. Take antidepressants as one example. Dr. Singh can choose from at least 25 different antidepressants, and each one has a slightly different way of working.

Additionally, each person’s metabolism has an impact. Everyone metabolizes drugs differently, and that affects a drug’s effectiveness. A medication that does a great job for you may not have any effect on someone else.

Due to these variables, the first medication and dose you take may not be the most effective. Medication management appointments give Dr. Singh the time to learn if your symptoms have improved and if he needs to increase the dose or consider another medication.

Catching side effects early

Like every medication, psychiatric drugs can cause side effects. Regular medication management appointments allow Dr. Singh to detect early signs of side effects. Then he can take steps to prevent bigger problems.

Overcoming medication roadblocks

Some psychiatric medications (but not all) have side effects that don’t threaten your physical health, but can make your life challenging. For example, some medications cause brain fog, affect your sex drive, or interrupt your sleep. 

One of the goals of medication management is resolving these problems so you can still take your medication and get the treatment you need.

What should I expect during medication management?

At your initial meeting, Dr. Singh reviews your medical and psychological history and talks about your symptoms. If you haven’t already had an assessment, he also does a psychological evaluation. 

Then he explains your medication, answers your questions, and sends your prescription to your preferred pharmacy.

During follow-up appointments, the focus is on your symptoms and general health. Dr. Singh learns if your symptoms have improved, how you feel, and if you have any signs of side effects. He then determines if medication changes are needed.

If you need psychiatric medications, you need medication management. To schedule an appointment, call Jazz Psychiatry or use the online booking feature today.