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Lindsey MacIver

Vibe Manager located in Valley Stream, NY & Garden City, NY

About Lindsey MacIver

About Lindsey MacIver

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Lindsey MacIver recently joined Jazz Psychiatry in 2022 as our Vibe Manager. She is a skilled and resourceful professional with a proven track record of success in the healthcare industry supporting physicians, nursing staff, and clinical managers. Lindsey has an excellent understanding of administrative and clinical operations, as well as excellent interpersonal skills. She graduated from college in 2017 from a Medical Office Administration program in Canada and has worked in numerous outpatient clinics and inpatient departments since as administrative support.

Lindsey, with Dr. Jazz believes that whole body wellness is a journey that has many aspects— including your mental health. Poor mental health can lead to many physical conditions that you ultimately thought wouldn't be possible and by focusing on a positive mental state you're at lower risk for many chronic illnesses too. A holistic approach allows you to help fix the root cause and not just mask a symptom.